4 Positive Ways to Become a Model without Formal Training

4 Positive Ways to Become a Model without Formal Training
Kettrinah Gertrude Mabenga

Ways to Become a Model without Formal Training

Positive ways to become a model without formal training. Breaking into a competitive field like modeling presents a challenge. Taking classes in modeling can help increase your chances of getting hired, but they are not necessary to succeed.

Like many other careers, if you think creatively, climbing your way to the top is attainable. When you haven’t had training, you want to focus on other strengths and skills. You can employ several strategies to achieve your goal of becoming a model.

Do your research

With modern technology at your fingertips, there’s no shortage of resources available to learn more about modeling without having to go through official training. Call an agency and ask if you can interview someone who schedules their modeling assignments.

Inquire about what they look for in a model and build your own training schedule around what you learn from your interview. Go to a local fashion show and talk to a model afterward to learn about her firsthand experience of the industry.

Take amazing pictures

A modeling portfolio serves as your resume. And filling it with an array of looks to show your skills helps you break into the modeling industry. Hire a professional photographer who knows about setting up great lighting and take a variety of shots to show off what is unique about your look. If you have fabulous cheekbones, flaunt them or do the same for those mile-long legs.

In addition to having a smart-looking portfolio, Zambian Face suggests that you get armed with a few casual shots when looking into prospective modeling assignments. A dressed-down look and a simple smile go a long way with some prospective clients.

Volunteer for fashion shows

Volunteering for shows put on by charities, art schools and similar organizations serves as your modeling internship. Contact women’s charities, like those for breast cancer, and ask about their future fundraising opportunities.

If a fashion show is in the works, volunteer your modeling services at no charge. When you do land such a gig, be professional and cooperative. Make sure to ask those in charge if they would serve as a future reference for you.

In addition, volunteer your modeling services to local hair salons, dentist offices or any business that uses printed and online marketing materials.

Apply at an Agency

When you are ready, hit up an agency and start applying for jobs. Sometimes, they don’t require training or even experience. Some agencies train you on how to become a model themselves. Approach them with a solid foundational knowledge of the industry and combine it with a wide-eyed eagerness to learn.

That’s a powerful combination that’s bound to knock them off their feet and put you on your way to becoming a successful model without formal training.