Esther Chungu – Fearless

Esther Chungu Fearless MP3 Download

Esther Chungu – Fearless MP3 Download

Esther Chungu strikes to score her latest Gospel number christened, Fearless. The mesmerizing new song, Fearless by Esther Chungu Audio Download, is a well-crafted piece of Zambian Gospel music. It appears to have the potential to rank among the most popular Esther Chungu Songs given thus far among believers. Download Esther Chungu Fearless MP3 Download


You made man out of dirt
And raised him from the dead
You spoke life into dry bones
And caused the blind to see
For that Lord I am fearless
I am fearless

Verse 1
Mwabumbile icalo namashiwi (You who created the Earth with just Your Voice)
Mweba busha nabafwa kwishiwi (You who raises the dead with just Your Voice)
Mwebalimbusha na imbuto mumushili (You who causes the seed to grow in the dirt)

Nshakatale ikalapo nkumba bulili (I’ll never live without Hope)
Nga Bakale bapitile mumulilo mwemfumu
Nine Ani? (If people of old passed through fire, who am I?)
Ngakuti Mwaibukisha Ulwa mailo imwe mwemfumu
nine ani? (If You can remember my tomorrow, who am I?

I am fearless, I am fearless …

Twalicimfya Mu Mfumu (We have won in God “Our King”)
Twalicimfya akale Mu Mfumu (We have already won in God “Our King”)

Verse 2
Mwishina Lyenu Na Ing’umba shilafyala (In Your Name even the Barren give birth)
Mwebalenga Na impofu ukumona ifikope Lesa Nimwe (You cause the blind to see images)
Mung’anda Yenu Yahweh Nasangamo Insansa (I have found Joy in Your House)
Mweba wamya na imimonekele iya mukola Mfula Nimwe (You who cleans the rainbow)

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Fearless by Esther Chungu MP3 Download

Esther Chungu Fearless Lyrics

Esther Chungu Fearless MP3 Download

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