Goddy Zambia ft K.O Kenya – ONDOKA

Goddy Zambia ft K.O Kenya - ONDOKA MP3 Download Goddy Zambia hits the limelight with “Ondoka,“ which means "Leave," featuring KO Kenya

Goddy Zambia ft K.O Kenya – ONDOKA MP3 Download

Goddy Zambia hits the limelight with his latest buzzing single dubbed “Ondoka,“ which means “Leave,” featuring Kenyan artist, K.O Kenya. The breakout new song, Ondoka by Goddy Zambia MP3 Download, is about a guy expressing his feelings of heartbreak after a woman leaves him.

The protagonist in the song contemplates his efforts he put in the relationship and the agony of having his heart shattered. The chorus expresses his acceptance of her leaving and guarantees his safety.

K.O Kenya‘s verse talks about how he found out about the woman’s infidelity by seeing her photos on social media, enjoying the company of wealthy men at the beach. He expresses that he’ll move on by building a tent and hiding. In the final verse, Goddy Zambia hashes out how they used to plan for a future together and having a family, before the relationship ended.

With its intriguing lyrics, enchanting vocals, and hypnotizing subtleties, the extremely hot Goddy Zambia Ondoka MP3 Download will have you glued to your seat in no time.


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The coruscating Zambian musician, Goddy Zambia, is also adored by his fans for his inventive, never-boring music, which constantly brightens up the room and keeps fans on the ball. In providing us with a unique experience, “Ondoka MP3 Download” is entirely tatted up to be one of those tracks that you can’t stand to vibe to.

It is undoubtedly destined for the top of the charts as the team behind it achieved nearly flawless aesthetics, from the fantastic vocal delivery and engaging lyrics to Miles Came Along‘s production, as well as the excellent mixing and mastering.

This brand spanking new Goddy Zambia ft KO Kenya song is expected to rule the nation’s music charts and receive a ton of exposure on various streaming services, particularly TV and Radio. The duo eases the strain by dropping a super 2021 song for the brand-new smash hit “Ondoka.” Fans can enjoy the newest musical titan’s work by downloading the MP3 version.

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Goddy Zambia ft KO Kenya

Goddy Zambia ft KO Kenya – Ondoka MP3 Download

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