How to Deal with a Jealous Partner in a Relationship

How to Deal with a Jealous Partner in a Relationship

How to Deal with a Jealous Partner in a Relationship

How to deal with a jealous partner in a relationship! Jealousy in a relationship is that uncomfortable feeling you get when a partner gets too close to people of the opposite sex. It’s actually OK to feel that way. In a way, it shows that you care and don’t mean to share.

On the other hand, there is an excessive type of jealousy which is both irrational, childish, toxic and just so unreasonable.

When a partner tries to limit all forms of communication with members of the opposite sex, when they feel threatened by your association with other men or women, no matter how harmless the relationship is, that is an obviously unhealthy relationship behaviour.

Below is How to Deal with a Jealous Partner in a Relationship

1. Be honest with them about how you feel

If you are honest with your partner about your friendships, connections, business affiliations and partners, you reduce their chances of distrusting you. When your man or woman trusts you well enough, their chances of getting paranoid reduce significantly.

2. Priorities

Never make your partner feel as if they were in a contest with some other woman or man. Let them know, every time, every day and everywhere that they are number one and no one can come close in importance.

3. Reassurances

Some people have been heartbroken over and over again, causing them to be paranoid and extremely guarded. If your partner’s jealousy owes to this paranoia, try to always reassure them of your undying love. Tell him or her that they’ve got you and that you won’t do to them what the previous partner did.

4. Always introduce

Have you run into a friend or colleague? Manners require that you introduce them to your partner. And do not leave your partner at a corner to go chat in private with them for too long.

5. Let them know that their behaviour is unacceptable

If your partner is one who gets unduly jealous even at the simplest relations with other people, they may be doing so because they think it is a normal behaviour. You need to tell them that this is not how normal partners do.


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