9 Subtle Signs Your Ex Misses You

Subtle Signs Your Ex Misses You

If you’re fishing for signs your ex misses you, that’s fine. It’s okay to admit that you’re interested in how your ex-boyfriend may well be doing. Nobody goes to be making fun of you for that. It’s an awfully reasonable and human experience to have.

Breaking up is really hard to do, especially if there are still lingering feelings. Sometimes people break up based on situations out of their control rather than lack of feelings.

When things like distance and life goals don’t match up, it can be a devastating break for both of you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over for good. Sometimes exes can get back together with a changed perspective.

Here are some signs that your ex still misses you and might want to reconnect someday:

1. They go out of their way to run into you

When you’re out and about, you discover it strange that you simply keep running into your ex all of a sudden. What could this mean? Maybe it’s just an accident or a coincidence. It’d be possible that he/she is scouting your whereabouts in the slightest degree of detail because he/she just misses you most.

2. They like all your posts on social media

They don’t have to, but they do. It’s even more telling if they like them shortly after they’re posted. That’s a subtle way for their username to catch your eye and possibly make you think of them as well. Daring exes may even comment. The comment itself will probably be short, sweet, and positive. Something like “you look amazing!” It is definitely a way to let you know they still have feelings for you.

3. They text on occasion

It’s never anything major, just an “I saw something today that made me think of you, how have you been?” They might as well just ask, “so, are you seeing someone?” Since that’s mostly what they’re after. Yes, some exes can just become friends. But if they’re constantly keeping tabs on you, they may see your relationship restarting at some point. Remember, that’s technically how Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez reconnected.

4. Some of their social media posts are a little suspicious

If your ex has been thinking about you a lot and really misses you, they might try to send some subtle vibes your way in the form of captions and pictures. Instagram is a good way to test the waters. Think about it — sometimes, your posts are really meant to be viewed by one person. If your ex tweets that they’re bored or sends out a Facebook message saying “anyone want to do something tonight?” It could be interpreted as bait to see if you’ll view it or respond.

5. They asks your friends about you

They’re genuinely inquisitive about how you’re doing. However, they don’t want to come back too overeager. So, what do they do instead? They texts your friends. They ask them about you. They’re still significantly invested in your life. They still sound as if they incorporate a stake.

6. You catch them doing things you used to do together

Maybe you taught them how to cook breakfast, and suddenly their Instagram Stories are bursting with breakfast posts. Or, maybe you got them into a band that you’ve noticed they’ve used a lot in their stories. These can also be seen as baiting techniques to get you to respond. Or, subtle messages that they really miss having you around.

7. Or, maybe they’re withdrawing completely

If your ex used to post on Instagram all the time and subtly stopped, they could be trying to adjust to life without you. Either that, or they don’t feel the need to share as much anymore. If you made their life exciting and you were the one who often suggested places to go and people to see, they may be in a rut. Sometimes, you don’t realize how much you miss someone until they’re completely out of the picture.

8. They ask you if you’re seeing anyone

Uh oh. Are they asking because they’re concerned about you? Are they asking because they want to understand if they still have competition? Either way. This is often a wonderful sign that they’re invested in your sex. They miss what you want to have. And they’re curious on whether you’re already experiencing what you had with someone new.

9. They still keep photos of the two of you on their feed

It’s amazing how much insight people can gain by looking at social media patterns. Deleting pictures of an ex is fairly common on social media. However, some people like to leave happy moments alone. If your ex hasn’t scrubbed you from their social media, it means they still care about you as a person, and they might want to hold onto the good memories a little longer.


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