PSALM 139:17-18

I will praise you, my God and King, and bless your name each day and forever. PSALM 145:1-2

Commit your Works & Everything you Plan to God

Try to have a quiet time at the beginning of each day. Before you leave your place of meditation, “commit your works” and everything you plan to do today to God. Commit those special things you have to do, the daily routines, and even the things that will come about unexpectedly, which God himself may choose to insert into your day

PSALM 139:17-18

“How precious it is, Lord” – PSALM 139:17-18

When you open your eyes to a new day, take a serious look at the events ahead of you. You can predict the difficulties that will be there. Some things are going to make you irritable, domineering, absorbed completely in your own desires, too busy to listen; but now, in this moment, take a good look, a long look at all these barriers and make up your mind to make them better.

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