Dambisa Shows Off Baby Bump While Fixing her Crown

Dambisa shows off baby bump while fixing her crown natural body

Dambisa shows off baby bump while fixing her crown

If flaunting a baby bump in a natural body display is an art, then Dambisa is the master of it. She exuberantly shows off her baby bump while fixing her crown, and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down with her stylish maternity looks.

The pregnant 32-year-old dancehall musician publicized her pregnancy a few days ago by bombarding her social media accounts with gorgeous pregnancy photos.

She treated fans to eight engrossing shots of herself flaunting her baby bump while upholding her Queen’n Game and never letting her crown slip.

Always remind myself I don’t have to claim a crown when I already have it on my head. Doing me, am the original of a Queen,” captioned Dambisa.

Dambisa fixing her crown

I surely do fix my own crown,” she added.

Check out her stunning baby bump below:

Dambisa holding her crown while flaunting her baby bump
Let the sun rise with you… all that is pure be your portion!!! Love makes it all better!!!!
Dambisa showing off her baby bump
“I wasn’t born to blend IN, BUT to STAND OUT!!!!”
Dambisa head up with her crown in hands
I wasn’t born to blend IN, BUT to STAND OUT!!!!
Dambisa Queen of Dancehall
“Let me show you how it’s done ✅, after all it’s what am made for. ????? Loading…….. more & more. #Tuntu

The Zambian Dancehall star took her fans by surprise after she made it known that she is expecting.

She captioned her breathtaking posts with the fitting notions and many of her fans and other celebrities sent congratulatory messages.

Let’s check out more drips below

Dambisa pregnancy show
“Beyond what’s called living is courage…. If one fails to represent their true being, means they have failed living. #TUNTU
Dambisa pregnancy
“I ain’t your competition sis, am just the perfect hidden desires of yourself that you wish you can be.”

The expecting mommy’s vibrant photoshoot is fitting since she shared she has been slaying and #TUNTUling through out the week.

Dambisa’s early life

On September 10, 1989, Dambisa Michelle Lunda was born. She’s a Zambian actress, singer, and songwriter.

She began singing when she was nine years old. She used to listen to Tina Turner‘s songs and PK Chishala‘s songs when she was a teenager, which influenced her music career.


Dambisa made her debut in 2011 with the smash tune “Kaduka Chain,” a collaboration with Petersen.

She shot to fame in the East, West, and Southern Africa as a result of her appearances on international events and prizes in Namibia.

Her previous hit, “African Baby,” was published in 2018, and it celebrated African culture and the diversity of people’s skin tones.

Stick around for more drips from the Sugar Bum Diva, Dambisa, the Queen of Dancehall.