Cleo Flaunts her Exciting Curves as a Result of Body Workout

2 times Cleo Flaunts her Exciting Curves as a Result of Body Workout

Zambian hip hop recording artist and media personality, Cleo Ice Queen, flaunts her exciting curves, and she has showed off the result of working on her body.

Taking to Instagram, the start shared snaps, clearly revealing her body goals. And she’s willing to show off a perfect body result.

Cleo Ice Queen looked graceful in the photos and captioned it with wishes and words to fans:

Be grateful at all times, even through the struggle. Without the struggle, you will not learn your strength. As long as you’re alive….your best day is yet to come and what did not kill you, only made you stronger,” she captioned the post.

Tell yourself!!! I am the full circle; I create, I nurture, I transform, I evolve,” she added.

Check out below:

We all know that exercise is important in our daily lives, but we may not know why or what exercise can do for us.

It’s important to remember that we have evolved from nomadic ancestors who spent all their time moving around in search of food and shelter, travelling large distances on a daily basis. Our bodies are designed and have evolved to be regularly active.

In the same way that a sports car is designed to go fast, we are designed to move. If the sports car is taken out once a week for a 3 mile round trip through the town centre, then it would probably develop engine problems fairly quickly.

Over time people develop problems if they sit down at a desk or in front of the TV all day and minimize the amount of exercise they do.

Finally: this serves as a reminder to take up space. Cleo Ice Queen, you are loved. You are powerful. You are supported. And don’t be afraid to be great. #Ebuumi!



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