Maryline Bamnjo – “I am made of melanin”

Maryline Bamnjo — "I am made of melanin"

Maryline Bamnjo – “I am made of melanin”

From her distinctive skin to her sophisticated poise, Maryline Bamnjo ascertains to be comfortable in her own melanin skin. She furnishes the natural “her” landing as a true African melanin model.

Who says Gold can’t be in Black too? This beautiful bold melanin model is pure Africa, we just know it. And we can see Africa in her!

Maryline Bamnjo

A fine course of action in modeling, reliance and a positive outlook sets Maryline to grasp the acceptance of tweeps.

Model: Maryline Bamnjo
Height: 1.70 m

I am made of melanin.
Black, bold and beautiful.

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