Is Nokutenda Shekinah Marumbwa the Most Popular Figure Now?

Nokutenda Shekinah Marumbwa, a teenage model whose childhood fueled almost a full percentage of her motivation to embrace modeling.

Understanding the Background of Nokutenda Shekinah Marumbwa

On the ground, Nokutenda Shekinah Marumbwa springs up to be a teenage model whose childhood has fueled almost a full percentage of her motivation to embrace modeling.

She was born on May 7, 2003, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She is the second of three children, two boys and one girl, in her family. And she is presently a first-year Crop Science student at the University of Zambia in Lusaka.

At a tender age, Nokutenda began to develop her passion for fashion and makeup. And while progressing through her tween years in preparation for a seamless transition into adolescence, modeling started encouraging her to get out of her closet.

Furthermore, she found herself in boarding school, which she believes was a wonderful decision since it helped her become self-reliant and responsible at the age of nine.

I remember telling my mother that I want to be a fashion designer, make-up artist, and hairdresser,” she says.

Model: Nokutenda Shekinah Marumbwa

Nokutenda dolled up in a stunning bucket hat

Every weekend, I’d work on her hair, and I’d cry a lot when she undone her hair and makeup after I’d done it. I’d also design dresses out of scraps of fabric,” she continues.

Well, setting her sights on becoming one of the most celebrated fashion icons in Africa, her childhood has been the best time of her life so far.

I remember when I was in high school in form 1 back in Zimbabwe, our hostel hosted a pageantry competition. I designed my own outfit using my bedsheets, and this helped me to secure the title of First Princess at the White House hostel,” she remarks.

Nokutenda is a delightful, stunningly beautiful, and compassionate young lady. She’s trotted out to do whatever it takes to maintain the position since her enthusiasm for modeling is stronger than just about everything in her life. She’s always occupied with the fun-filled and memorable swell moments of her childhood.

African model Nokutenda Shekinah in cultural wear holding dry grass

My childhood has left an indelible impression on me. I used to enjoy cooking so much (and still do) that my friends and I would gather empty containers from the waste bin and pretend to prepare meals out of soil, grass, and stones,” she explains.

Do you remember what it was like to be a child?

Of course, I do. I loved to run and was so energetic that I used to always fall. I recall one day when I fell hard on the ground and hurt my knee, but I didn’t scream like any other child would. Though the scar is still visible, it serves as a reminder of my strength whenever I feel life is being unfair to me.

What have been the most significant events in your life?

Because I’m still young, there haven’t been many significant moments in my life, but I’ve made the most of my abilities. When I was in Form 3 of high school, one of the key events of my life occurred. Our school competed in Electric Band contests. I was one of the six vocalists, as well as the main vocalist. Our school won the first position at the National Arts Science and Sports Festival in Zimbabwe.

Model Shekinah Marumbwa's beauty

I also made it into our 2020 school music album as one of the lead vocalists. One of the songs I led was composed by myself, but the other was composed by a friend.

Are you a singer?

Aside from wanting to be a model, I’m also a great singer who would like to make the most out of my talents.

Our church conducted a dance competition for children in 2021, and each district was required to compose a song and several routines. I composed a song for them that became the national competition’s hit song.

How are you remembered now?

At my primary school, I am remembered for being the most active student in Church. I am also remembered at Sandringham High School for being one of the finest vocalists in the school’s history, as well as a music director.

At Church I am remembered for being really active in the praise and worship team.

Why did you decide to pursue a modeling career?

Nokutenda Shekinah Marumbwa flaunting cultural rites while fetching water

Well, I want to become a model, not as a career for now since I’m still in school but as a part-time career and for fun because it’s one of my childhood dreams that I cannot push aside and want to make the most out of it.

Your greatest strength?

My greatest strength is that I am constantly upbeat. I constantly try to see the bright side of things, which allows me to do anything. Anything feels possible to me. I don’t fear.

Your goals as a model?

African beautiful girl

My goal as a model is to inspire all of the ladies out there that no matter how they appear, they are amazing just the way they are. I remember people used to make fun of me because I was too skinny, and some still do, but I love myself and want to show the world that I am confident in my appearance, and that all other ladies and girls should be as well.

What is your greatest accomplishment so far?

Emotionally, academically, financially, and socially, my life has not been easy. I had lots of difficulties. But thus far, my greatest accomplishment has been being able to finally attend university.

Are you married?

Aww! I am not married. I’d like to be a brand ambassador because I’m an aspiring model. When I put my mind to something, I archive it. I’m confident in myself and the things I do. I am always optimistic, patient, and have a strong sense of humor. I love getting along with others and am fairly outgoing.

African model Nokutenda Shekinah Marumbwa shows off skills of holding the sunset between her palms

One of my flaws is that I’m never content with anything I’ve done, no matter how amazing or flawless it is… I’m constantly striving for perfection in whatever I do. But when things go wrong, I quickly accept and move on, I am always cheerful and ever smiling. This is Nokutenda Shekinah Marumbwa for you.

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