The New Version of Cheosi Kapungwe Creates Ripples Online

The New Version of Cheosi Kapungwe Creates Ripples Online

Miss Copperbelt first runner-up 2018, Cheosi Kapungwe, is seriously creating ripples on the gram, and we are on board for the ride.

The model served the gram with three stunning hot-summer sizzling drips flaunting her natural body.

We have raved enough about this stylish runway model of the 2020 and 2021 adaptations.

Let’s check out how she’s surfacing like a bullet from a trigger below

A princess that waits for no man… yup! That’s what we’re talking about.

Furnishing and flaunting in great exciting costumes get a millennial upgrade when your modeling style is described without any ‘Teenage Model in distress’ moment.

And that was our favourite takeaway (among many).

While we have seen the exciting glow in the blazing shoots and understood that this adaptation is cutting-edge, what we also love is that her style also has some spicy touch to it!

We have already mentioned some fabulous shoots that caught our attention, and today, we will hash out the natural beauty that everyone needs to bookmark.

From top-notch styles to getting self-confidence beauty, Cheosi has it all. Psst… She also has the most ravishing looks reacted by Zambianface!



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