Meet: Akokwa Martha Walubitah

Akokwa Martha Walubitah, the Youngest Teen Proudly Set to Hit the High Spot

Akokwa Martha Walubitah

On the surface, Akokwa Martha Walubitah, 16, is a fearless, confident and ambitious teenage model, a go-getter by nature.

Born in Solwezi, North-Western, Zambia, on February 26, 2004. She’s the first born in a family of 3, yet the only girl. She’s Lozi by tribe, currently doing her grade 10 at Sesheke Secondary School in Sesheke, Western Province,

Her passion for modeling crept into her at the age of 7 and got surfaced when she was taken to Solwezi Models of Education School, where she secured a chance to take part in beauty pageants, anticipating to rock the red carpet one day.

Akokwa Martha Walubitah

“I stick to what I think is right despite other options from friends or any other person,” noted Akokwa.

While Martha sets to be the youngest teen to hit the high spot, her passion has been divided across a number of careers. And journalism is one she cannot ignore, she’s a poet and also an actress. She can play whatever role is given.


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