Bertha Chawatama – “Is it a sign of beauty?”

Bertha Chawatama — "Is it a sign of beauty?"

Bertha Chawatama – “Is it a sign of beauty?”

Hailing from Gweru, Bertha Chawatama was born in Gokwe, Zimbabwe, on October 22, 1995. Being in love with modeling her whole life, she started modeling in 2002 when she was about 7 years old. And she vigorously secured a place in the top-five finalists at the Miss St Georges Primary.

As a model, Bertha has procured the ample familiarity with the impalpable sovereignty of modeling. Her expedition has obtained for her the crown of “Miss Personality” and rightly so in the “Miss Africa University Pageant.”

Despite her misplacing experience in 2002, Bertha thrived on her interest as she participated in the Miss Valentines Driefontein High School (2012) to see if she could dominate this setting into the bargain, and she scooped the Miss Personality tag.

Since then, she has done over 4 pageants including, Miss Festival Of Arts Africa University 2016, Miss Africa University 2017, Miss Gweru 2018 and Miss Rural July 2020, to mention a few.

Apart from that, Bertha also represented Africa University at the Pan African University debates as an adjudicator in Cameroon. All these events have boosted her confidence. She’s learned to be open to people and easily make new friends, and this confidence is her greatest clout with soaring goals.

Bertha Chawatama

She loves being in front of the camera, she loves performing for the crowd, she enjoys dressing up. In short, she loves being noticed, and that’s proportional to why she chose to pursue modeling.

“Yes, I am short. I always ask myself why most beauty pageants consider height a sign of beauty. Is it a sign of beauty,” noted Bertha Chawatama.

Her future aspirations in the modeling career is to start her own modeling agency that will be able to recognize short people.