Meet a fabulous and powerful model: Victoria Bianca Kanshiwa


From her striking legs to her titillated eyes. Victoria Bianca Kanshiwa is proof that modeling requires to showcase what you feel needs to be celebrated. The 21-year-old is proudly set to break the record in the game.

She was born in Ndola, Zambia, on May 20, 1999. She’s the second born from a family of 5, currently the holder of the Miss Eco Zambia 2020 First Runner-up title.

Victoria began her modeling career at the age of 18, florescencing into a successful model. She has devoted almost 90 percent of her practice to dominate modeling for the last 3 years.

Her rise to fame has not been an easy one. She has encountered numerous challenges, but like her name, she always emerges victorious. She’s had extensive experience in several superior pageants and won 2 crowns so far. Her titles include “Miss Eco Zambia” and “Miss Christian Zambia“.

While Victoria has excelled at modeling, her substantial clout is her dedication and enthusiasm as well as her ability to learn from her mistakes.

“Her life is like a Chess Board, and she’s a king who only makes one move”.

For a hardworking, determined, beautiful and intelligent model like Victoria, the Earth is her stage, and she walks on it like a Queen.

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