Meet the Shy Girl with a Beauty Bomb in her Vein: Winnie Mubita


By 11dem on February 21, 2021

Following the sensational debuts at Zambianface during last year’s collection, a rising model, Winnie Mubita, proved a beauty bomb essential. She was born in Lusaka, Zambia, on April 28, 2001. She’s Tonga by the tribe as well as the only child in her family.

Nonstop passion since 2009, when she was 8 years old. Winnie turned to be the only person in her family line with a huge enthusiasm for being a model. Being able to become anything a designer could dream up, she quickly transformed into one of Z-Face ABC muses.

Now she’s ticking all the boxes for success beyond the debuts. And it’s only a matter of time before Beauty Brands take notice. Her greatest feeling triggers her to work very hard. She wants to be an example to young girls as well as to her family.

However, her notable clout is her lovely “Mum,” since she’s used to fill in her with reasonable things. And she’s always used to apprise her that she’s a very active, shy and communicative child.

Since Winnie aspires to become one of the most in-demand faces of the country. She has come into her own this season, and she truly looked lit in a blue denim mini skirt. And rocking a white cap is observed as a goal too.

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