Meet the beauty who won the hearts of all: Patience Saili


After the astonishing inceptions of last year’s circulation, Patience Saili, 18. A fashion and swimsuit model, made a splash-getting handpicked by Z-Face ABC for the glaring spot. She was born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia, from a family of two, one boy and one girl.

Despite her not doing a major pageant yet, her modeling career had been for her. And she’d always win in primary pageants with the nonstop enthusiasm of becoming one of the best models in Africa. She has worked as a photo model, doing fashion and swimsuit pageant modelling.

I believe that modelling is not just beauty and a smile but boldness and style,” noted Patience.

As a model, her remarkable clout is her courage. It triggers her main desire to become better than Alice Rowland’s Musukwa, the outstanding international model.

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