Meet Violet Beauty Kundananji

Meet Violet Beauty Kundananji

Violet Beauty Kundananji Biography

On the surface, Violet Beauty Kundananji alias Naji is a teenage catwalk and runway model whose childhood triggers almost 90 percent of her strength to do modeling.

She was born in Lusaka, Zambia, on June 18, 2004. She is the third born from a family of eight, two boys and six girls. And she is currently doing her grade 12 at Luena Barracks Secondary School in Kaoma.

Naji began her passion for modeling at a very tender age. And while getting through her tween years for a smooth transition into teenage, modeling started heartening her to break out of the shell.

Thus, she kicked off modeling classes setting her sights on becoming one of the most celebrated fashion icons in Africa.

Meet Violet Beauty Kundananji

She is one of the Tamanga 365‘s princesses in Kaoma. And with her non-stop passion since childhood, Naji has now cemented a deep relationship with her modeling career not to let anything stop her.

I want to make people out there understand that no matter where you come from and what you have, if you believe in yourself, you can still make your dreams come true,” she says. “And I want my dreams to come true.”

She is very charming, beautiful and caring. Her passion for modeling is greater than anything in her life. She’s trotted out to do whatever it takes to maintain the spot. She’s always occupied with the catwalk training as well as reading story books in her free time.

Meet Violet Beauty Kundananji

Her beauty, like her name, is boldly distinctive, dominating local influences in Kaoma. Just as this gorgeous model can’t be put into a box, neither can her beauty. She redefines Zambian Face into a dazzling pomp befittingly called, Pageantry.

Despite numerous challenges like school and chores at home, Naji is still the unstoppable. She is a force with traditional killer confidence to spread the importance of modeling in Kaoma and across the globe.

Meet Violet Beauty Kundananji!


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