Miracle breathes new life into the idea of “Dark fearless model”


By 11dem on February 17, 2021

After the months of chilly and dark nights. A very responsible couple, hailing from Kitwe, couldn’t bear waiting to see the sunshine. It was Saturday, August 3, 2002, the 215th day of the year 2002, the 31st-Saturday of that year, and Miracle Tamara Kunzambwe was born, like her name “Miracle.”

Miracle is an aspiring fashion model, singer and songwriter, born and raised in Kitwe. She’s the first born in a family of 5. She is currently doing her Grade 12 at Justin Kabwe Secondary School in Kitwe, Zambia.

While getting through her tween years for her smooth transition into teenage. Modeling started encouraging her to break out of her shell, setting her sights on becoming one of the most celebrated supermodels in Africa.

Here she comes, carrying her beautiful Zambian face with sustainable development goals to make a change.

Life to her means friends and family who she can trust and who trust her. She’s pretty much on the happy side of life, but, like all teens do, she has her “days of…” That means she does have some gloomy days or disconsolate days.

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