How to Fix an Unhappy Relationship with your Partner

How to Fix an Unhappy Relationship with your Partner

Unhappy relationship! A healthy relationship is supposed to make you feel supported, safe, special, sexually desired and loved so that you can trust your partner and share your life with them.

Your partner who used to be the highlight of your day turns out to be the opposite – while finding yourself in an unhappy relationship and spending time with your partner is one of the last things you want to do.

No matter what issue you are dealing with in your relationship, you cannot fix your relationship overnight. But, there are some steps you can take to start healing today.

Here are the ways to fix an unhappy relationship with your partner:

Have an honest conversation

They say communication is the key to a happy relationship. Your partner can’t read your mind, nor can they try and fix the relationship if you are employing the “silent treatment”. Communicate openly and honestly with your partner about how you are feeling, about the problems in your relationship, and genuinely express to them that you want to be happy with them again.

Think as a team

Part of escaping from your unhappy relationship is being willing to make the first move and start from scratch with a clean slate. This means thinking of each other as a team. True partners – not enemies.

Look for ways to connect

If you want to escape your unhappy marriage, you need to take the initiative to get to know one another again. Act as though you just met. Ask your partner about their favorite things, their hobbies, dreams, and goals. You may be surprised at what you learn and how much you actually like this “new” person.

Stop blaming each other

If you have been together for a long time or have been unhappy for a while now, you likely have some built-up anger and resentment toward your spouse. It’s easy at that point to blame your spouse for everything that has gone wrong in your relationship but don’t.

Focus on the positives

Your spouse isn’t romantic, they’re not interested in your hobbies, or they aren’t much of a talker, but what are some of their positive qualities? Perhaps they are a trustworthy partner, a wonderful provider, or they always know how to make you laugh. Don’t let negativity overtake what was once a wonderful relationship.

Learn to leave the past in the past

We’re all human beings, and all of us make mistakes, even the most perfect people make mistakes.

If you want to know how to repair a relationship and have a successful and healthy one, both of you must learn to forgive each other’s mistakes.

When you forgive them, don’t bring them up again, especially avoid this when you argue. To fend off being unsatisfied with a relationship, stop bringing past mistakes into present conversations or conflicts.

Learn to trust one another

Trust is essential and vital in a relationship as it is the foundation or bedrock on which all relationships are built on. A relationship that does not involve trust is fake and in vain.

When you can trust someone, you have this strong feeling that they will always tell you the plain truth. You know they care about you and you know that they will always be there for you.

You will not have to worry about manipulation, unfaithfulness, deceit, or betrayal. Ultimately, you can relax when you can trust and rely on your partner.

Forgive often

What to do when you are unhappy in a relationship?

A little bit of forgiveness for the petty annoyances, mistakes, inactions, and acts of omission that litter our daily lives, goes a long way to increasing our satisfaction in a relationship.

If your partner has done something objectionable, talk to your partner without accusing them, shouting or cursing them. Help your partner understand how you feel about the wrong he or she has done.

Lastly, unless an unpardonable mistake is repeated several times, learn to forgive and forget easily.

Get to know them every day

How to fix an unhappy relationship?

Make a conscious effort to understand your partner’s personality, hobbies, and most of all understand their behavior.

By understanding each other’s thoughts, actions, and behaviors both of you can change and become better individuals and a better couple.

Have new experiences together

How to fix a loveless marriage?

Start by remembering why you got together and try to notice those traits in your partner that once made you fall in love with them.

Besides going back to what attracted you to them and doing together activities you once did together, organize new ones. Exploring new adventures helps partners see each other in a new light and rekindle the flames.

Enjoying the time you have together will make you feel more connected and attracted to each other.

Work on sex life

Being unhappy in a relationship can be a result of the state of a sex life too.

Good sex life doesn’t necessarily make a relationship good, but bad sex life can make up for a bad one. Perhaps, good sex is the answer to why do guys stay in unhappy relationships.

Sexual energy is life energy, so it is important to work on improving sexual intimacy and keeping the flames alive.

Remember, sex starts with the things you do outside of the bedroom like flirting, teasing each other, spending quality time together, showing appreciation and support.


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