Why Positive Thinkers get Positive Results

Why Positive Thinkers get Positive Results

Why Positive Thinkers get Positive Results

Why Positive Thinkers get Positive Results. We believe everyone starts from the bottom. If you are able to wake up every morning with a driving need for a new idea in making a positive result, then thank you very much for your right decision made upon landing on this page because you are just on the right channel.

Let us briefly take Bill Gates as an example; as founder and chairman of Microsoft Corporation and the creator of Microsoft Windows, he helped bring America into the computer age. He began programming computers at the age of 13.

Fast facts:

  • One of the wealthiest men in the world
  • Family calls him “Trey” because he’s William Gates III.
  • Started the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which funds educational scholarships and fights to top AIDS and other diseases in poorer countries.

Bill Gates just came up with an idea and today, see how everyone is buying his idea. Okay, the question still remains… “Why do Positive Thinkers get Positive Results?”


Judgement is a process of mind, the ability to think in a cool, logical, orderly manner and make sound decisions. Good judgement reduces the error factor in decision making and in the long run. Success depends upon the percentage of the right decisions made. Thus, positive results.

Mental Control

Mental Control is the secret of mature and creative judgement. Your mind is an instrument designed to serve you, not to destroy you. And when uncontrolled, your mind can be very damaging to you, but when controlled, it can develop unlimited power.

  • Always think up-beat-think hopefully, never let thought paralysis get into your mind.
  • Miracles are made not only from dreams but from everyday, non-glitzy facts like thinking and working and keep on keeping on.
  • Always be on the lookout for the big idea that can change your life
  • Remember that miracles are made by people who can because they think they can.
  • Take stock realistically, things are better than they seem.

So, why do positive thinkers get positive results?


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