How to get Noticed as a Model

How to get noticed as a model

How to get Noticed as a Model

How to get noticed as a model. Getting discovered as a model takes time and energy, even when you have all the right looks. To get recognized, fashion models must research the industry so they know what to do and what not to do.

A healthy lifestyle, preparation, confidence and a positive outlook make it easier for models to catch the attention of agencies. Learning to be comfortable in your own skin and presenting the natural “you” are positive strategies for landing a job as a model.


By creating a portfolio of high-quality images, you can offer agents tangible examples of what you can do. A portfolio serves as your resume. So you want to include images that are professional, clear and representative of your appearance.

Keep your portfolio simple and well-organized with a few photographs, including head-shots, that showcase your style and expressions. Avoid overly dramatic poses, computer enhanced images, fuzzy special effects and complicated backdrops. Simple, detailed images are a positive way to get noticed in the industry.


Attend events such as public model searches, open casting calls and fashion show expos. Even if the event is sponsored by an industry that isn’t your top choice, such as a department store fashion show or a movie production crew looking for extras, use the opportunity to create publicity for yourself.

You’ll have a better chance of being discovered when you put yourself out there. You may even bump into modeling agents at these types of events.

Physical Appearance

Your physical appearance should be attractive and appealing. Avoid excessive makeup, dramatic clothing, unusual hairstyles and vibrant colors that can make you look fake and overdone. Fashion designers and modeling agents are looking for raw, natural beauty, so you want to present yourself simply and professionally to get positive reviews. The way you walk is also important.

Mclee Tembo, owner and director of the Zambian Face, asserts that you should always be in the “model attitude” and not let your aesthetic guard down in public. The way you walk is also important. Practice walking in your shoes before attending a casting call or a model search. This will ensure that you walk gracefully in them.

Preparation and Attitude

Researching fashion and beauty tips, as well as preparing for auditions, are ideal ways to get started on the right foot. When you present yourself with confidence, agents won’t worry that you’ll be too shy or self-conscious in front of the camera.

Dr. Mclee Tembo says that personality is an important part of getting recognized in the modeling industry. Energetic expression, sincerity and an outgoing disposition are valuable assets.

Practicing in front of a mirror, following a healthy diet, maintaining an exercise plan, having a positive attitude and arriving on time for auditions are ways to make sure you make a positive first impression.


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