47 Best Proverbs About Character

47 Best Proverbs About Character

Best Proverbs About Character

Character can be defined as a trait, quality or high moral code. It is the distinctive nature of something. Proverbs about character can be used as a smart way to advise a person or people about the importance of having a good character.

Our list of proverbs about character will help you convey your message effectively through the use of old-age words of wisdom.

Best Proverbs About Character

1) When wealth is lost, nothing is lost. when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost.
2) Three things show a man’s character: his drinking, his pocket, and his anger.
3) Reputation is what you are in the light; character is what you are in the dark.

4) Ability will enable a man to get to the top, but character will keep him from falling.
5) Man’s only real possession is his character.
6) A people’s legends reveal its character more clearly than its acts and events.

7) Like a fence, character cannot be strengthened by whitewash.
8) Don’t look at the shape — look at the character.
9) Distance tests a horse’s strength; time reveals a marls character.
10) Character is easier kept than recovered.

11) One can easily judge the character of a person by the way they treat people who can do nothing for them.
12) People show their character by what they laugh at.
13) If you take care of your character, your reputation will take care of itself.

Best Proverbs About Character

14) If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in character.

15) Blood is inherited; character is earned.
16) A good character is more valuable than gold.
17) Character is what you are in the dark when no one else is around.

18) A slave shows his true character, not while he is enslaved but when he becomes a master.
19) Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.
20) Character is what we are; reputation is what others think we are.

21) A man’s studies pass into his character.
22) A man of character is resistant to temptation.
23) Parents give birth to the body of their children, but not always to their characters.

24) There are as many characters as there are individuals.
25) Character is always corrupted by prosperity.
26) When two men quarrel, the one who yields first displays the nobler character.

Best Proverbs About Character

27) If you hear that a mountain has moved, believe; but if you hear that a man has changed his character, believe it not.
28) Clothes cover up character.

29) Wealth, like an index, reveals the character of men.
30) A pretty face and fine clothes do not make character.
31) A good character is real beauty that never fades.

32) Each man’s character shapes his fortunes.
33) Seeing a man is seeing his character.
34) If there is beauty in character, there will be harmony in the home.

35) Everyone admires his own character.
36) When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.
37) The wolf changes only his coat — not his character.

38) The character of a man lies not in his body but in his soul.
39) A cautious man will observe the indications of character which nature reveals in others.
40) A man’s character reaches town before his person.

41) Character is habit long continued.
42) A rich man has no need of character.

African Proverbs About Character

43) Wherever man goes to dwell his character goes with him.
44) If there is character, ugliness becomes beauty; if there is none, beauty becomes ugliness.
45) Before killing the chicken carefully observe the character of your guest.

46) If you damage the character of another, you damage your own.
47) A person’s character is like pregnancy it cannot be hidden.

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