10 Things you Should Never Apologize for in a Relationship

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10 things you should never apologize for in a relationship

Do you know how to apologize to someone or it’s too late to apologize? All right, in this article, you will learn some things you should never apologize for in a relationship.

Relationships are about loving each other enough to want to share and care for each other, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up your independence. That is something for which you will never have to apologize.

Being mature enough to take responsibility for your actions and understand the pain it can cause your partner is key empathy that a relationship can’t be without.

You should always apologize for hurtful behavior, even if you think that the person feeling that pain doesn’t have a right to feel it, or you wouldn’t have been hurt by it.

If you do or say something hurtful, you can help to make it better by showing empathy and genuinely apologizing to your partner.

But it’s also important to remember that you don’t have to apologize for every little thing in your relationship — because believe it or not, there is such a thing as apologizing too much.

Should you say you’re sorry if you genuinely mess up? Of course. But you shouldn’t use those two little words as a catch-all solution to any problem that pops up, minor or major.

Here are 10 things you should never apologize for in a relationship:

1. Your hobbies or passions

You don’t have to share all the same interests as your partner to have a happy relationship, but you should both be supportive of one another’s hobbies, even if they don’t interest you.

Instead of apologizing, show your partner what makes you tick and encourage them to seek hobbies and passions of their own.

2. Asking repetitive questions

When you’ve been dating someone for a long time, it’s normal to feel like certain aspects of your relationship are repetitive. And sometimes, the day-to-day questions (like “what should we do for dinner?”) can be annoying — but you should never apologize for asking them.

3. Your natural quirks

In a relationship, you should feel free to be your most genuine, authentic self at all times. We all have quirks, and if your relationship is healthy, you should never feel like you have to apologize for being yourself.

You shouldn’t change your core, and if you have some quirks that your spouse or partner doesn’t like, you can’t keep apologizing for them.

4. Expressing an opinion

You’re not always going to see eye-to-eye with your partner, but the foundation of any good relationship is respect — which includes respecting one another’s opinions, even if you don’t agree with them.

You should not apologize for having an expressing an opinion, whether your partner agrees with it or not.

5. Something you didn’t do

It can be tempting to say “I’m sorry” just to avoid a fight… even if you didn’t do the thing you’re apologizing for. But ultimately, that empty apology has no merit, and will do more harm to your relationship than good.

6. Ending a toxic relationship

You should never apologize for letting go of someone who has harmed you. Understanding how an unhealthy relationship prevents you from attaining your full potential is a significant step forward. Be proud of yourself and surround yourself with people who admire your bravery.

7. Your previous experiences

You should never have to apologize for what happened in the past, whether you are the paragon of virtue and chastity or have had 10 different lovers.

This isn’t just true when it comes to planting wild oats. Similarly, if you were once addicted to substances but have now recovered, you should not allow someone to hold that against you in the present.

We’ve all made mistakes in the past, and few of us are perfect, so having a spouse mislead you into feeling awful about yourself because of your background is not only bad manners, but also does not speak well of them.

8. You should never apologize for your imperfection

You are lovely and unique because of your flaws. They should be welcomed with open arms. Never apologize for a quality that makes you perfect in your flaws.

9. Needing alone time

The amount of personal space required to go through the day varies from person to person. People suffering from anxiety, for example, may require more than others.

So, even if it means turning down a friend for a workout or a date now and then, it’s vital to our mental health that we request the space we need to mentally breathe. You’re probably overthinking things if you feel bad for wanting some “me time.

10. Being independent

Relationships are about loving each other enough to want to share and care for each other. But it doesn’t mean you have to give up your independence.

That is something for which you will never have to apologize. Being self-sufficient does not eliminate the need for others, so what is there to be sorry for? You can be in a relationship and still be self-sufficient.

No one should make you feel like it’s a flaw. It isn’t, and there’s no reason to feel bad about it.



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