Communication in Relationships: 8 things Happen when you Don’t Communicate

Communication in Relationships: 8 things that Happen when you Don’t Communicate

Communication in Relationships

Communication in relationships! Yes, communication can make or break a relationship, but how do you make sure that you get it right? Being honest about your feelings and talking through any issues with your partner is the number one rule to follow, but it goes beyond that.

Failing to truly express yourself and ensure you both understand and are understood by your S.O. can cause some serious problems.

8 things that can happen when there’s poor communication:

1. You argue all the time, often for no reason at all

When there’s a lack of communication in a relationship, it’s easy to become frustrated with each other. You expect them to read your mind, and when they fail at doing so, you direct your anger at them. Understandably, this can irritate your partner, who goes a step further and argues back. Without clear communication and understanding, it will be hard to get things back on track.

2. You use the silent treatment

The silent treatment isn’t always a bad thing, but it can be if it’s used frequently as a manipulative tactic. Often, the silent treatment will follow after an argument, and it can drag on for days if neither person wants to apologize. Frequent silent treatments aren’t going to help or save the relationship. In fact, they only serve to further drive you apart.

3. You hide things from them

Maybe you feel like it’s easier to hide things from your partner than make yourself vulnerable and say what’s on your mind, but hiding things from them is the same as lying to them. Sometimes uncomfortable conversations are needed to move in a relationship. If you’re not prepared to be honest, then it’s going to be hard to save it.

4. You start to become selfish

When there’s ongoing conflict and lack of communication, it’s likely that you start to focus only on your own needs. Maybe you can’t see things from your partner’s point of view because you’re too stubborn. Or, maybe you don’t want to take any blame for the issues in your relationship.

Either way, if you want to work on your relationship, you need to see things from their point of view. Start asking them questions and open up a healthy, honest dialogue with them.

5. You start to ignore each other’s needs

The major problem occurs when you stop communicating in all forms. Your partner needs to know that their feelings and thoughts are important to you just as much as yours are to them. There has to be an equal balance. If you’re not communicating, then you simply won’t know how to progress in your relationship. That could signal the end.

6. There will be frequent misunderstandings

Poor communication always leads to misunderstandings in a relationship. It’s hard to know what someone else is thinking all of the time. Even if you think you know your partner very well, there could be something that you’re missing.

You could be frequently misinterpreting their actions simply because you’re not being open with each other. The problem with misunderstandings is that they often lead to further arguments.

7. You use your words to hurt them

Conflict always happens in a relationship with poor communication. When you start to get angry at them, you might lash out and say things that you know will hurt them. Even if you immediately regret using the words, the damage is already done.

This is a huge red flag and indicates the relationship has become toxic and unhealthy. Unless you can resolve the conflict, it’s best to walk away.

8. Keeping distance from each other

The more you feel misunderstood by your partner, the more you will distance from them both emotionally and physically. It’s hard to connect with each other if you’re not being open and honest. Sometimes, it’s easier to avoid each other than it is to face up to the problems in your relationship. A good, direct conversation is needed in order to fix the issues between you.

Communication in Relationships: 8 things that Happen when you Don’t Communicate!


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