How to Make One sided Love Successful

How to Make One sided Love Successful? 5 helpful Ways

One sided love is a feeling of longing for someone who responds with only indifference. In short, one-sided love can be referred to as an infatuation and attraction to someone who does not reciprocate your feelings.

A person who experiences one-sided love has this hope deep inside his/her heart that one day someone will love him/her back. And hope can at times be the cruellest of it all.

With tales and ballads of unrequited, one-sided love flowing around, it’s hard not to imagine the pain and heartbreak one experiences in this. One-sided love is hard enough to deal with when the person you tremendously love doesn’t feel the same.

Sometimes, being persistent about your feelings slowly makes the other person fall in love, but at other times, it just doesn’t work.

Signs You Are In One Sided Love

So are you in one? One-sided love? Maybe you are and have not even realized that you have fallen for someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you.

We had an email from a person who said that all his friends told him that he was in love with this girl, but he kept denying it because, in the end, he realized that perhaps the girl was not ready, and this was in a way his soul’s self-defence.

Look out for the following signs of one-sided love so that you know where you stand in your love life. We have an entire piece on signs of one-sided love if you want to go over each in detail.

Here are 10 signs

  1. One-sided love makes you feel drained and not loved because you commit everything to it, whereas you get nothing in return, at least nothing that really matters. Maybe you get crumbs, if at all.
  2. You are never her priority when you can drop every single thing to rush in her time of need
  3. You keep making excuses to meet the person you love
  4. Even if she makes her disinterest clear, you feel it in your guts that she will change her mind one day
  5. You probably keep stalking the social media profiles of the beloved and keep a close track of all their moves
  6. One message from her and you are on top; if she doesn’t respond for an hour, you feel depressed, you are constantly on a roller-coaster of emotions
  7. You keep inquiring about him/her from our mutual friends
  8. You are the one who always initiates conversations or a program. For a movie, that coffee, a good morning text. Try not to do so, maybe you will not receive a single communication from her side.
  9. She seems perfect, even her crooked teeth. If your friends point out some flaws, you probably shut them up.
  10. She is your number one priority! Nothing or no one comes even a close second. You will ditch your friends in already made programs, make excuses if someone asks you for help for something. If she wants you, you will not be available for anyone else!

One-sided love is torture because you keep wasting your time and energy on someone who does not feel the same way and may never do so. But you must do your bit to turn your one-sided love successful, you do not want to end up with regret one day that you could have done something more and didn’t. If you know it is love, roll up your sleeves and be ready to win her over!

How To Make One-sided Love Successful?

Pain, hurt, and heartbreak that results from relationships can be dealt with in many ways, but what about the heartbreak that results from relationships that never were?

Evaluate your one-sided love and make a thoughtful and honest decision about it. Do you want to let it go or make it successful? If you chose the latter, then here are the 5 tips that will serve as a guide.

1. Let them know you’re thinking of them

Make your presence known to them regularly. Communicate your feelings properly without any hint of confusion. Do things that make you think of them. If you text them saying, “this movie reminds me of you”, it’ll be hard for them to resist.

2. Be a good friend

There’s nothing more comforting than being a reliable friend to them. Learn to earn their trust and let them depend on you with their free will. Trust is a bigger aspect than infatuation when it comes to serious relationships. They will want you to know you better, and there’s no better way than to be them, trustworthy friend, first. You know what they say, ‘friends first, love next.’

3. Make them see the best in you

Be your best version whenever you’re around them. Showcase how bright and gleeful you are when you’re with them. It’ll make them really happy to know that it has that kind of effect on you. Flaunt your biggest achievements subtly and portray a good personality. Make them understand what they’re missing out on.

4. Don’t obsess over them

Don’t stalk them obsessively on social media just because you love them. It’s very creepy, and, moreover, if they get to know of your obsession, they will refrain from talking to you ever again. It’s an extremely unhealthy habit as boundaries are very important in such situations.

5. Be there for them

You may feel frustrated at times when they just can’t seem to accept your feelings, but don’t let this help you make a mistake. Make sure you are around them whenever they need you. Your support, love and care are invaluable.

However, remember that they may also take you for granted. Despite all the tries, if you feel the same and that they’ll never love you the way you do, then it’s best to leave your one-sided relationship.


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