7 Things Every Woman Should Know About herself Before Looking for Love

7 Things Every Woman Should Know Before Looking for Love

Are there things you absolutely cannot stand and refuse to put up with? I don’t tolerate lying. I don’t want kids. I can’t stand getting hit or being verbally abused (and neither should you). A partner who is not on these pages is out of the picture. Know your deal breakers so you don’t end up giving up on what you really want or need.

Interesting Facts About Men’s Brains When They Fall In Love

11 Facts About Men When They Fall In Love

Let’s say you just started dating a man. If you somehow had access to a brain scan and were able to take a peek inside their head, Younger says you’d actually be able to tell whether or not they’re going to stay in love with you long-term.

8 Ways Your Perspective On Love Changes In Your 30s

8 Ways your Perspective on Love Changes in your 30s

As you get into your 30s and beyond, it’s natural to start thinking about what you want for the long term. This applies to all areas of life, including love. It’s not that your time is running out or that 30 is by any means old. But most people start becoming a little more conscious of how the decisions they make will affect them in the long run. A potential flame who once would’ve seemed as if a great idea might not be so appealing if you can’t see a future with them.

How to Make One-sided Love Successful? 5 helpful Ways

How to Make One sided Love Successful

One sided love is a feeling of longing for someone who responds with only indifference. In short, one-sided love can be referred to as an infatuation and attraction to someone who does not reciprocate your feelings. A person who experiences one-sided love has this hope deep inside his/her heart that one day someone will love him/her back. And hope can at times be the cruellest of it all