Karmic Relationship Signs, Meaning, Stages and Ending

Karmic relationship versus a soulmate or twin flame. Karmic relationships are about growth, where soulmates and twin flames are about healing.

Karmic Relationship

Karmic relationship is the one that doesn’t last long but teaches you a great lesson in life. According to philosophy, almost every one of us gets into a karmic relationship once in our life. They are different from other types of bonding. This relationship is based more on personal growth. It is indeed a romantic bonding but aimed to heal your past life lessons and pain. In this article you will learn what is a karmic relationship? 15 signs of a karmic relationship, 10 karmic relationship stages, karmic relationship vs. twin flame, what are soulmates and twin flames as well as twin flame vs. soulmate.

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What is a Karmic Relationship?

Karmic relationship meaning: A karmic relationship is a passionate relationship that is full of turbulence. Karmic relationships are related to karma in a sense because they are thought of as relationships that we need in our lives in order to grow. These relationships test us and our understanding of love and relationships.

The notion behind karmic relationships is that you two made a pact to support one another on your own paths before your souls entered this lifetime. There are many unsolved problems from previous lives. Much healing may happen when individuals are willing to learn from one another rather than trying to control one another.

Karmic relationships resemble guides or professors in this regard. And typically, they’re ephemeral. They’re designed to aid in your soul’s growth in challenging push-pull ways. However, they are often not made to last for a long period. This is due to the fact that you are uniting in this lifetime to resolve any outstanding karma between you. It frequently involves balancing off a negative past-life event.

So, what are the signs of a karmic relationship and how does it feel to be in it? Read below to get a deep insight into the karmic relationship to understand if you have been in one.

15 Signs of a Karmic Relationship

Karmic relationship signs: Ever questioned whether your relationship was intended to last? Even while it could have been, it doesn’t always follow that you two are intended to be together forever or that your relationship will continue. It may instead be a karmic relationship.

How to recognize when it’s time to go, and typical warning signs of karmic relationship that you could be in one. Here’s a look at what a karmic relationship is:

1. Repetitive patterns

You are kind of on and off in your relationship frequently and this is one of the major signs of a karmic relationship. And if you are experiencing the same things in your current bonding, then maybe it’s a red flag.

2. Selfishness

Partners in this bonding are selfish and don’t respect each other’s boundaries. Whatever they do is for their own benefit. And these are the signs of an abusive relationship.

3. They admire the idea of love

The partners in such a bonding are more passionate about the idea of love for certain reasons like social status, popularity, looks, etc. But they may not love each other for who they are. They are together just to not be alone.

4. Lots of drama

These relationships are tumultuous. “If drama is the foundation for your love affair, chances are you’re in a karmic relationship,” says Dr. Mclee Tembo. The situation may even become toxic—a sign that the dynamic must be healed, or ended.

5. They are controlling

One of the partners becomes extremely controlling and quite possessive about you. They start to dictate your life. And you are ready to follow his orders and unable to see their flaws.

6. They aggravate your frustration

Dr. Mclee Tembo states, “If you feel frustrated and misunderstood, you are probably in a karmic relationship.” This is because karmic partnerships seldom result in a perfect union; instead, they are about growth, frequently accomplished via difficult circumstances.

7. They’re addicting

Karmic relationships quickly become all-consuming, even despite the aforementioned issues like inexplicable tension or frustration.

8. Things seem strange at first

Even in the early stages of the relationship, did you observe many warning signs? The lesson that the relationship is trying to teach you may include learning how to deal with your own toxic tendencies that you bring into relationships or how to prevent unhealthy dynamics in the future.

9. You are meant to be together

Both of you cannot live without each other and it feels like you guys are meant to be together somehow. You don’t understand why it’s not working and you keep trying to fix things up.

10. They bring your worries to light

This person will bring all your fears to the surface: about love, your future, and your relationship together in general. Any past traumas will be brought to light—there’s no running from it.

11. Instant connection

The most evident sign, according to Dr. Mclee Tembo, is a feeling of familiarity (That sharp experience of feeling as if you’ve known the person before). Depending on the karma, sometimes you have a really positive feeling about it, while other times there is some dread associated with it.

There is an immediate connection the moment you meet the person for the first time and you feel supremely attached to him or her.

12. They’re unpleasant to be around

For whatever reason, and it may be a feeling you can’t quite place, you find their presence to be heavy and begrudging. Yet despite the unpleasantry, you don’t want to let go—even though you know you should.

13. Lots of highs and lows occur

Things are never quite consistent, and while you may have good, even wonderful days, where everything seems perfect, there’s a part of you that knows it’s only a matter of time before things go south.

14. They bring out the worst in you

Even the most level-headed individuals might exhibit their worst traits due to the severe nature of the karmic relationship roller coaster. You may turn into someone you don’t recognize, or even like, around this person. As Dr. Mclee Tembo explains, “unless people know how to learn from unresolved issues in the past, they can create huge problems in the relationship.”

15. They don’t last

It’s crucial to understand that the goal is not to continue in a poisonous dynamic since karmic relationships may frequently turn harmful. The point is to learn from what’s not working, and to leave. Eventually, when you’re ready and have learned the lessons you’re meant to learn, you will both move on.

10 Karmic Relationship Stages

Karmic relationships go through the same stages that other relationships do. What are the stages of a karmic relationship? To learn more, keep reading…

1. Gut feeling

A gut feeling, a dream, or an intuition that you will meet someone or that something big will happen to you soon is the first stage of a karmic relationship.

You might be able to predict when you’ll meet someone since karmic relationships are based on knowing someone from a past life. This meeting might be the start of one of many karmic relationship stages.

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2. Coincidence

You’re more likely to run across someone you have an unique karmic bond with. You could run across them by coincidence or chance and feel an immediate attraction to them. This can be the second of the 10 karmic relationship stages.

3. Meeting

You wouldn’t feel like you were meeting them for the first time if you met your karmic relationship partner by coincidence. You will have karmic attraction toward your karmic partner, a feeling you have never experienced before, even if you meet them in an odd situation.

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4. Affections

You will begin to have intense affections for one another at the fourth stage of a karmic relationship. A karmic relationship is marked by intense passion and affection, and you will be able to tell that your partner feels the same way about you.

5. It is just not enough

You will feel that no amount of time will ever be enough to spend with them now that you both have deep love for one another. There is just too much of them. You experience euphoric love of a sort you can’t get rid of.

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6. Things change

The sixth stage of karmic relationships is when things start to change. This is when you start feeling the highs and lows of emotions of a karmic relationship. Even though you may still love your karmic partner, you start to feel things like anger, disgust or even hate for them at this stage of the karmic relationship.

7. Patterns repeat themselves

At the seventh of the ten karmic relationship stages, you see a repetition of patterns. You feel like your life is falling apart – with your relationship and other parts of your life going downhill. But you get the impression that you have faced a scenario like this before. This is a karmic relationship trait as well, however this is where you begin to resolve a karmic relationship.

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8. Realization

At this stage of the karmic relationship, you realize that this is not how things should be. You finally decide to do something about this. At this stage, you are given a chance to break free from this pattern and finally move on from the karmic relationship.

9. Actions

Few people can progress in their karmic relationships to the point where they actively want to make things better. Even though the relationship is not going okay, you feel a sense of calm and acceptance. You decide to take action to make things better for you. It may require a lot of willpower to break the cycle of karmic relationships and do things differently.

10. Getting out

Whatever progress a karmic relationship may include, it may nonetheless be taxing. You may experience the relationship’s highs and lows so intensely due to the emotional rollercoaster that you come to terms with the fact that you cannot continue in this cycle indefinitely.

The decision to leave a karmic relationship occurs at this point. Any relationship can be tough to let go of and move on from, but karmic relationships are particularly difficult.

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Karmic Relationship vs. Twin Flame

Twin FlameKarmic Partner
1Your soul is actively drawn to your twin flame and has been searching for them since you were born.You are not the one searching for them. The universe destined that you meet them for you to learn.
2Twin flame relationships help you grow by reuniting you with your other half, allowing you to reach your potential.Karmic relationships are generally negative, but they can also help us grow through the hardship they bring us.
3You feel deep, genuine love for twin flame.You feel physically obsessed and addicted to your karmic partner.
4There is an instant connection with your twin flame, but your relationship also builds and matures gradually over time.You are immediately incredibly sexually attracted to them, but it doesn’t grow into anything deeper.
5Twin flame relationships, despite the struggles, are overall beneficial and healthy for your soul.Despite some positive potential side effects, karmic relationships are generally toxic.
6Twin flame relationships can last as long as you put in the work. Even if twin flames separate, they will always feel drawn to one another and there is always a good chance of reunion and of a better relationship.Karmic relationships are meant to be ended once the karmic dept has been paid and the lessons have been taught.
7Twin flame partners will eventually develop to be very gentle and caring toward one another.Karmic partners are designed to be cruel and toxic to one another.
8You will be incredibly attracted to your twin flame, but you will eventually learn to give each other some space when needed and will always respect each other’s boundaries.Karmic partners are drawn to each other in an unhealthy and obsessive way.
9Twin flame relationships will constantly fill you with wisdom.A karmic relationship is painful and is meant to teach only a few important lessons.
10Communication with your twin flame is easy. Since you are two halves of one soul, you will see a lot of yourself in each other, making it natural for you to understand and empathize with one another.Due to the destructive nature of karmic relationships, effective communication is often difficult, if not outright impossible.
11Twin flames often consider marrying each other!Karmic partnerships are too toxic for marriage. While they are attracted to each other, there is rarely ever genuine love.
12You feel a sense of existential oneness with your twin flame. This leads to deep and authentic love.No matter how magnetic your karmic partner seems to you, your attraction towards each other will always remain shallow.
13Being with your twin flame will push you forward and help you reach your full potential.A karmic union is meant to help you process and deal with unresolved trauma. This trauma can come from your current life or a past life.
14Twin flames are two halves of one soul. They used to be one entity before they were split upon incarnation.Karmic partners are definitely two separate souls—and two incompatible souls at that.
15When twin flames bring out each other’s shadow aspects, these are then processed through high spiritual vibrations. This allows for the partners to effectively sift through these feelings and confront their demons.In karmic relationships, the shadow aspects revealed are processed through low spiritual vibrations.

What are Soulmates and Twin Flames

Twin flames are seen as a soul that’s been split in two. According to Dr. Mclee Tembo, soulmates are two separate souls “that are coming together in a way that feels destined.” While twin flames are often mirror images, soulmates often complement each other. “They’re more like kindred spirits,” Dr. Mclee says.

You may be wondering whether you’re dealing with a karmic relationship versus a soulmate or twin flame. According to Dr. Mclee Tembo, the key distinction is this: Karmic relationships are about growth, where soulmates and twin flames are about healing.

“A soulmate is a person and people who are aligned to your soul and can change or influence your soul in so many profound ways,” he says. “They can be friends, family members, even pets. Twin flames, known as twin souls, are literally the other half of your soul, and it always has a divine union with a divine purpose.”

Twin flame vs. Soulmate

The main difference is the idea that twin flames are two halves of the whole, where soul mates are not. While twin flames are thought to be one soul split into two bodies, soul mates are simply two separate souls that are extraordinarily linked.


Whatever you choose to name it, it’s important to recognize patterns in relationships, especially unhealthy ones. When you move on from a karmic relationship, you’ll be prepared for a lasting love because you’ll be able to move through the lesson that is being presented to you through that person.

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