How to Test a Guy to See if he Really Loves you

How to Test a Guy to See if he Really Loves you

How to Test a Guy to See if he Really Loves you

How to test a man to see if he really loves you! Men, by nature, are not showy with their feelings. Unless you’re a mind reader, you won’t know what his thoughts or emotions are.

And even if the guy tells you he loves you, it’s a little hard to know for sure — especially if you’re dealing with a guy with a bad track record. Well, it is because men are very tricky and subtle.

Here we’ve expounded some few ways that you can use to test if a guy truly loves you.

How to Test a Guy to See if he Really Loves you:

Deny him sex.

If you want to test if he loves you, then deny him sex and see if he will pick a quarrel with you or break up with you because of that. If he leaves you due to that, then know that he doesn’t love you. For any man who loves you will always be there for you, sex or no sex.

Don’t be afraid to do this no matter how much you love him; after all, you will still be heartbroken when he leaves you for another girl.

Pretend to be pregnant.

Pretending to be pregnant is the best way you can use to test a guy you are currently dating. If you think maybe the guy does not like you and you have been sleeping with him, then it’s best for you to pretend now to be pregnant and see if he will claim the responsibilities of the pregnancy, then he loves you. But if he doesn’t and leaves you because of that, it’s better you know he does not love you.

He always texts you Good Morning!

You can easily know if he loves you or not if the first thought in the morning is about you. Love is a kind of heavenly passion that can be enormously pleasing and blissful. When you believe that he really thinks about you first thing in the morning, it is a sign that he is really into you.

It is true that most boys are not very good at expressing their feelings. But some try their best to show their love by sending you good morning wishes. It’s hard to control your emotions when you are in love. However, even the strongest man would fail to conceal his sentiments and would say that he cannot live without you.

Pretend to be sick.

Why we put this is because if you pretend to be sick, you will know exactly if he loves you. Any man who loves you will always be there for you and make sure that you are okay. If he doesn’t care about you and doesn’t bother to care or check on you, that means he doesn’t love you.

Request something special from him

Some time you can test a guy by requesting something. It may not be something that money can buy. But let us clear you, try to take some time and think of what he’ll find hard to do. If a guy loves you, he will do whatever it takes to make you happy. So give it a test and see if he loves you.


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