Meet: Tatenda Mitchell Deda (Aspiring Model)

Meet: Tatenda Mitchell Deda (Aspiring Model)

Hailing from Shamva, aspiring model: Tatenda Mitchell Deda was born at Mt Darwin General Hospital, Zimbabwe, on September 4, 2001. She comes from a family of four, two to two.

As a young-beautiful aspiring muse with incredible love for modeling, drenched in pure African traditional gear.

Tatenda began her passion some four years ago, and so far she has taken part in one pageant: Miss Big Bass Entertainment. This pageant triggered her to commence her inestimable passion for modeling. She was subsequently moved by her enthusiasm to begin a modeling career.

Despite her misplacing experiences in Miss Big Bass Entertainment, she credits the nurturing she’s received from her family and friends. They give her courage to fight, conquer and even do better.

African Traditional Modeling

With the confidence she’s been given to pursue a career in modeling, she aspires to become the best in Africa.

My wish is to find someone who can sponsor me so that I can succeed with my talent as people already used to call me a model, and I like to be called that way,” she says.

The gorgeous muse is also noted for her alluring thighs. She has secured the naturalness of her beauty with the elusive supremacy of modeling, and stratagem a ploy to venture into the African fashion industry.

I wish anyone could read my story and help me to maintain my wish. I believe and trust that this will help me to bring out all the best in me,” she adds.

As you can see, it has been her dream and wish to become a model and to learn how to groom herself to fulfill her wish.

With her beautiful face, short stature, slender figure, fine features, and light-toned skin. Tatenda is an instant victory in the African traditional modeling. She has become a muse for individual photographers.

Her aim is to become someone who can be able to do her things, for example, opening a business to care for herself and being a strong woman in the future. And making her lovely “Dad” happy is a goal.



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