Meet Vanessa Enyinam


Meet the Untouchable Muse: Vanessa Enyinam
Meet the Untouchable Muse: Vanessa Enyinam

From her fascinating figure to her twinkling eyes, Vanessa Enyinam attests to her good faith in what modeling is called for. The aspiring model was born in Takoradi, Ghana, on May 31, 1997, currently in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia doofering housekeeping.

Vanessa is the last born in her family, and yet the only girl in a family of five. She grew up as a homebody. And this portrayed a queen in her while sharpening her passion to become one of the most professional supermodels.

During high school, she was privileged to take part in beauty pageants called “Miss Adisec 2013/2014“. This boosted her confidence and awarded her a way to let people know she could do it.

With her non-stop passion, Vanessa has cemented a deep-cover relationship with her modeling career not to let anything stop her. She’s very charming, beautiful and caring. Her passion for modeling is greater than her life. She’s trotted out to do anything to maintain the spot.

Meet the Untouchable Muse: Vanessa Enyinam

“We have many careers in life, but I chose modeling because it’s my life, and I can die for it,” noted Vanessa

While Vanessa aspires to excel in modeling, her cat walking style brought on the nickname of “Life Owner” as people used to always ascertain her with it and apprised her with tolerable praises.

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