Water Intoxication Treatment and Prevention

Water Intoxication Treatment and Prevention

Water Intoxication Treatment and Prevention

What should you do if you accidentally drink too much water? How can it be treated? Find out in the following section as we expound on water intoxication treatment.

How To Treat Overhydration Or Water Intoxication

Here’s how you can reverse the dangerous side effects of overhydration or water intoxication:

  • Stop any further water intake.
  • Seek medical attention if you do not feel well and feel like you are going to pass out.
  • Stop taking any medication that is causing water retention in the body.
  • A doctor may administer sodium to help bring back the balance in your body fluids.
  • You may be given diuretics.
  • As they say, prevention is better than cure. Let’s take a look at the following ways to prevent overhydration.

Ways To Prevent Overhydration Or Water Intoxication

Here are a few ways you can stop drinking too much water:

  • If you have medical conditions like diabetes or kidney problems, talk to your doctor to find out how much water you should consume.
  • If you exercise regularly, you may drink 2-4 cups of water per hour while exercising. And if you need more water, drink sports drinks as they contain electrolytes that help balance the salts in your body.
  • Endurance athletes should measure their weight before and after a race to determine how much water they lost from the body. The lost water can be replenished without running the risk of overhydration.

People Prone To Overhydration

You might end up drinking too much water if you are:

  • an ultramarathons or you run marathons.
  • a hiker or a biker.
  • a triathlete.
  • an elite rower.
  • an endurance cyclist.
  • a soccer player.
  • in military training
  • obsessed with consuming water for “health.”


Water is good for you as long as you do not overdrink it. Take an informed decision on how much water you consume from foods and beverages to keep track of your water intake. If you feel nauseous after drinking water, seek medical help immediately. This is what we got for you on water intoxication treatment today.


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