16 Physical Signs your Wife is Cheating

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16 Physical Signs of a Cheating Wife

Is your wife cheating? Do you want to know how to spot signs of a cheating wife in marriage? Okay, in this article, you will learn the physical signs your wife is cheating on you. Surefire signs your wife is cheating!

You may have accidentally read some questionable texts, found irregularities in her phone bill, seen her talking to someone who should have been you, or maybe it was a gut feeling that told you to look for signs of an affair.

There are many physical signs your wife is cheating that serve as definite warnings if you’re paying attention. Here are 16 signs of a cheating wife to look out for to ascertain whether your wife is cheating on you.

1. She starts acting distant

Something suddenly feels “off” about her. She is physically present but is always lost in her thoughts. You ask her if there’s something that’s bothering her, but the answer is always no. However, you can tell something mysterious is underway. Her actions are peculiar, and she might act shifty or fidgety. These can be signs of guilt.

You need to start worrying if you feel as if she’s turned cold and distant. If she does not engage in those conversations with you anymore, and you feel lack of communication, you can count it among the guaranteed signs of cheating. Women are typically the ones who crave and seek communication and emotional connection in a relationship.

If your wife has stopped doing so, it could well be because her needs are being met elsewhere. This is among the signs of infidelity in a woman, which you’d be wise not to overlook.

2. Her social life has become ‘too happening’

Hanging out often with friends isn’t a bad thing. But if she starts hanging out with her “friends” a lot more than usual, and most of these plans seem not to involve you, then that’s something to think about. She could be a lying wife trying to use her friends as a cover for the new person in her life. A cheating wife is smart and might not use the same excuse every time.

She is already a step ahead of you because she knows the way you think. To catch her, you need to be smarter. Is it really a girl’s night out or a romantic rendezvous with her lover? You will have to find out about it discreetly.

3. Her phone is always busy

If there were a book titled “cheating wives signs”, this point would be in it. It seems like no matter when you call, you will always find her phone busy.

When you ask her who she’s speaking to, she will take a friend’s name. Was she always so involved with her friends? You don’t seem to think so. At times, she may even go into another room to talk when you are nearby.

While it is acceptable for her to want to keep some conversations private, too many private conversations can also be one of the signs of an affair. Has she suddenly started keeping her phone upside down so that you cannot see her screen when it buzzes? Sounds fishy, doesn’t it? These are surefire signs your wife is cheating.

4. She winces every time you are near her phone

Cheating wife busy with her phone

Whenever her phone rings in front of you, she jumps up to take the call before you see who it is from. She has suddenly started setting passwords on her phone, which she has never used to before.

She acts jumpy when you are near her phone. If you ask her to lend you her phone, even for five minutes, she will find some excuse to get out of it. If she does let you have it, she will be ready to snatch it away from you at any instant.

A person who is cheating is terrified to share their phones, even if it is as trivial as clicking a photograph for something. If you’re looking for physical signs your wife is cheating, pay attention to her body language when you are around her phone. If she guards it with her life and becomes too unsettled, make no mistake that it is one of the guaranteed signs of cheating.

5. Her web history is always erased

You see your wife spending most of her time on her phone or her computer, both modes which she uses for frequent communication. But when you check her Web history, you find it as clean as a new sheet of paper. Totally blank! You check her computer out again after a few days and still find everything erased.

She wipes out all her activities, logs off from all the accounts, and there is an air of deception around. The fact that she doesn’t want you to have an inkling of what she is doing online is a pointer that your wife is sneaking behind your back.

Why press the delete button when there is nothing to hide? This is one of the most evident signs of infidelity. If she is so thorough in covering her tracks, you will too need to figure out some smart ways to catch your cheating wife.

6.You start having a lot of fights

Your wife starts nagging you for small and insignificant things. It is as if she’s looking for excuses to fight with you. It could be because she is just mad at you for something else or because she’s trying to justify the affair. Picking fights could just be her way of telling herself that this marriage is not working out.

This allows her to feel less guilty and justify her actions. A cheating wife will often find ways to justify her actions to herself in order to get over the cheater’s guilt that may be eating her up from the inside. Cheating is a legal and moral offense. There are very few reasons that can justify that.

7. Your sex life has turned cold

If your wife is having a physical affair with someone else, she might not feel like being sexually involved with you. You don’t seem to turn her on anymore. All her sex drive is now inclined toward her new lover. You don’t play a role in her sex life anymore.

If you had an active sex life before the affair, you would notice if your wife now always seemed to find reasons not to be intimate with you. You both have literally turned into a platonic married couple. This is a physical sign your wife is cheating on you.

8. She has made a ‘new friend’

Did she tell you about her ‘new friend’ Michelle that you’ve never met? She loves talking about her and going out with her. It seems that the two of them have become pretty close in a short span. The name often drops in conversations, especially when she needs to go out.

Ever wondered why you haven’t met this ‘new friend’? Could this new friend really be Michael instead of Michelle? This is an absolute sign that your wife is cheating on you. Watch out how long she is on the phone with Michelle, and you will know.

9. She doesn’t look too happy

Unhappy wife with her husband

One of the surefire signs your wife is cheating is that you don’t make her happy anymore. You give her surprises and bring her presents, but it doesn’t seem to light her up. She is always lost in her own thoughts, and she doesn’t want to share things with you anymore.

You barely ever seem to have a conversation with her. Her friends seem to think she’s fine around them. Her dynamic has only changed with you. If this gets to you too much, be upfront and ask her.

Tell her you’ve been noticing signs of infidelity that you’re concerned about. A cheating wife will probably come clean if asked upfront because of sheer guilt.

10. She has started dressing up a lot

Post the honeymoon phase, both partners tend to pay less attention to their appearances. You’re both comfortable around each other and don’t feel the need to look your best all the time. Perks of unconditional love!

However, if all of a sudden, you find your wife dressing up a lot more the way she would on your initial dates, she’s dressing to impress. We all like to dress up during the initial stages of a relationship.

If she dresses like that and always seems to be going out with her “friends”, you already know there’s something more going on there.

11. Her shopping sprees have increased

You find a huge jump in the credit card bills of a cheating wife. You see her buying all sorts of new outfits and even new lingerie that’s never worn in front of you. The price tags are cut, but you have never seen her wearing it. It’s simple. The new lingerie wasn’t meant for you to begin with.

If you ask her about those lingerie pieces, she might tell you she finds it uncomfortable, or she might get angry at you for being so inquisitive. But you will not get to see the pieces, that’s for sure. These are signs a wife is cheating on her husband.

12. She has many mood swings

One of the signs of a cheating wife is her many mood swings. There are days when she seems happy and pays attention to you, both emotionally and sexually. And then there are days when she snaps at you for no reason. You might think that the issues in your marriage are causing her behavior.

Yes, your marriage has issues for sure, but these mood swings can be because of the ups and downs of her new relationship. Her giving you extra love and attention at times can be her guilt talking and her way of making up to you. But later, her affair takes over her thoughts and emotions.

13. There is something different about her scent

When two people have been married for some time, they identify each other’s scent. But lately, you always find your wife ‘clean’ or recently showered when you come home. She bathes so that you don’t sniff the scent of her new lover on her. But even so, on smelling her, you will find that she smells a bit different than before.

This is a surefire sign your wife is cheating on you. Sometimes when she comes home late from work, she may even sprinkle extra perfume on herself to hide another person’s scent.

These physical signs your wife is cheating can be hard to catch if she tends to distance herself from you, especially when she comes home after a rendezvous with her lover.

Find a window of opportunity to sniff her while she’s in your embrace or take a whiff of her clothes lying in the laundry. If she’s actually cheating on you, this ought to confirm your suspicions.

14. She has developed new habits

When two people are in a relationship, they start acquiring each other’s habits and tastes. Does your wife have new tastes that you never noticed before? If your wife is dating a smoker or someone who loves their whiskey, then there are chances that he will pass these habits on to her as well.

Or if he has artistic tastes, then she could suddenly visit art galleries or take interest in learning the piano. And if he is a younger guy who is into biking and pop music, you may find her dancing to blaring music at home often. Is your alleged cheating wife transforming into someone you don’t recognize anymore?

15. There are too many work emergencies

Was your wife always a workaholic or is this newfound work pressure something new? The number of work emergencies will increase on her if she is cheating on you. After all, work is the best cover she has for her dalliance.

She’s always working late or leaving the house for a “work thing”. It’s possible she’s having an affair with a coworker or that she’s just using work as a pretext to meet her new lover.

Have you ever considered visiting her in her office to see what that work thing is? When she leaves for emergency work, tell her you will pick her up from her office and see her reaction.

16. Your gut is telling you so

After so many years of being married to your partner, somewhere deep down you know that your relationship has changed. You might think that you’re being overly jealous and suspicious of your wife. But deep down you know you’re not being irrational.

Your gut tells you something bigger is at play. You know you’re with your cheating wife because even if you don’t, your gut picks up on signs of infidelity. You subconsciously know. These signs of a cheating wife will put you in a predicament you don’t want to find yourself in.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What to do if you suspect your wife is cheating?

You can look for the signs of cheating and then confront her if you are confirmed that she is indeed cheating. Be calm and subtle when you talk to her, don’t make it a slanging match. Hear her out too.

  • How do you know when your wife cheated on you?

The clues will be there all over. But the biggest clue is your wife wouldn’t want physical intimacy with you anymore, or even if she indulges in sex, she would be rather withdrawn in bed. Lack of intimacy is an absolute sign of a cheating wife.

  • How can you tell if your wife is lying to you?

Try to read between the lines. If she is lying to you, it will be hard for her to remember all the stories she is making up, and eventually she will slip. She could tell you she was out with the girls last Saturday, and suddenly she could talk about an office event she was at on Saturday. People tend to forget when they lie.

  • How do you tell if your wife is lying about cheating?

If she is not admitting to cheating, but you continue to see all the signs of cheating, then be sure she is not coming out clean. You have to get evidence to prove that she is lying about cheating.


Your marriage is in danger, and you don’t know whether you want to save it anymore. But keep in mind that not all marriages that involve infidelity have to end up doomed. The key to a long and happy marriage is forgiveness. Your partner could have had a ‘moment of weakness’ and may have learned her lesson.

The fact that your partner indulges in cheating could say a lot about the other issues of your relationship. In such a case, couples counseling is an affordable way to save your marriage.

Think about how it would have been if you were the one cheating. How would she have reacted? In the end, it is up to you to make or break the marriage. If your partner cheats multiple times, forgiving them is not advisable.

However, if you think that this was simply “a moment of weakness” and your cheating wife is truly sorry, consider forgiving her. After all, you still love her.



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