Tempted to cheat? 4 things to do when faithful is so hard

Tempted to cheat? 4 things to do when faithful is so hard

Tempted to cheat? 4 things to do when faithful is so hard

Tempted to cheat! The least that is expected of you is to have the balls to stay true to that person you decided to enter a relationship with.

Being in a relationship or being married will not automatically take away your attraction to other people, neither does it mean interested people will stop chasing after you for sex and other extramarital affairs.

When you are faced with temptations, these are some of the things that will help you out.

Here are the things to do when you are tempted to cheat and it feels too difficult to stay faithful:

1. Limit opportunity

Limit or totally cut off ties with everyone who might be too tempting to ignore. Stay away from old flames and people with whom you’ve had sexual relationships in the past.

2. Seek assistance

If you feel tempted to spark up a relationship with someone else, tell someone. Talk to your religious head if that’s who you can fearlessly confide in. In the instance where you do not have any, or you feel they cannot be completely trusted, then you might want to meet with professional advisers/ counselors/ therapists.

3. Get your spouse involved

Becoming married or getting into a relationship does not mean that you have to leave every other person you were once close to – to avoid the temptation of falling for someone else, or them falling for you. You need to always find a way to remind them and yourself that you are now committed to someone else who deserves your loyalty.

4. Keep your emotional issues for your partner only

When your partner offends you or does something wrong and refuses to see reason with you. Sharing it and asking for someone else’s opinion might seem like the easiest thing to do. Especially someone of the opposite, sharing sensitive information may begin emotional bonds. Soon, a shoulder to cry on might soon become a ‘rod’ to ride on.


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